What TurfCare plan is best for you?

If you have pets, chances are you have smelly spots on your turf.  TurfClean is the perfect service to help remove pesky pet odor and clean your turf.  No pets? No problem! Over time, turf fibers start to flatten due to foot traffic and weather.  A TurfBloom service helps decompact the infill in your turf, gives the fibers a deep brushing, and brings back lushness to your artificial lawn.  If your turf is older or experiences heavy foot traffic, then you probably need our TurfBloom+ service where we add up to 5 bags of premium infill into your lawn, giving your blades support to stand up straight.



Debris Removal
Weed Removal
Re-Nail Seams
Tuck Edges
New TurFill Granules
Adjust Low Spot Edges
TurFresh Odor Treatment
Magnet Sweep
Infill Flush
30 Day Guarantee
Over 400 sq ft $1.00 sf $0.50 sf $1.25 sf
Ideal for Pet Owners

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Why People Love Us

“Had another quarterly service and very happy. With two chocolate labs there’s a lot of everything — hair, waste, odor which are all gone now.”


“I’m the dude that never writes reviews but reads everyone else’s reviews to determine whether or not to buy. I have tried:
baking soda, vinegar, lots of water, other products, and praying to the dog pee gods.  Nothing worked! THIS WORKS!!”


” We have 3 small dogs who use our dog run and back yard, and the previous owner had a large dog. I had tried all of the typical odor remedies with no success. After today’s treatment, our turf looks and smells fresh! “

-Sharon H.